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“My daughter has attended Whiz Kids classes for
three years. She would rather go to Whiz Kids than dance, soccer or any of her other after school activities. Believe me, that is quite an endorsement from her.
My preschool-age son goes there now too and loves
it as much as his sister. And I love that my kids are enjoying learning. They talk about Whiz Kids all the time. Of course, they talk about the puppets, animals, crafts, etc., but I know that through those activities
they are mastering the alphabet and reading.
Every teacher we have had at Whiz Kids has been dedicated, talented and an all-around happy person.
It is a special gift to be able to make learning fun–
and that is what Whiz Kids does.

Bruce Orcutt


My four-year-old son absolutely LIVES for Whiz Kids! He wishes he could go everyday! The teachers are fun-loving, enthusiastic, and passionate and the learning environment couldn’t be better: small, focused, and fun. Whiz Kids is by far the BEST extra-curricular class we’ve invested in for our children.

Keri Olson


“My son has enjoyed his year of Whiz Kids so much! It is great to see him so excited and eager to learn! It doesn’t matter how tired he is, he always runs out the door to make it to his class in time! He comes out happy, energized, and with a fun treasure! Thank you for a great program that we feel good about and our children LOVE!”

Cherie Hemphill